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In the hair mesotherapy method, the serum containing the vitamins and minerals that the hair needs is directly injected into the middle skin layer that contains the hair roots.
Mesotherapy replenishes damaged hair and prevents hair loss caused by some diseases (thyroid, anemia ...). At the same time reduces the hair loss due to malnutrition, stress and seasonal changes to minimum.

Advantages of Hair Mesotherapy

Serum is injected near the pathological area. Thus the treatment;

  • Offers regional implementation opportunity.
  • Reduces the side effects to a minimum level.
  • Session interventions last longer than other routine applications.

Different drugs are used in hair mesotherapy. These drugs are approved by the Ministry of Health of Turkey and sold in pharmacies. Many are plant based. The most important point is to know the pharmacological characteristics of the drugs and the side effects that other drugs can cause as a result of the interaction.
It is possible to see positive effects after 5 to 7. The first positive results will be seen within 3 months.

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